Over 3.76 million ha of land suggested be zoned for rice farming hinh anh 1Farmers harvest rice (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – The Government has asked the National Assembly (NA) to approve an area zoned for rice cultivation of over 3.76 million hectares, by 2020, to guarantee national food security.

The proposal was submitted in a report delivered by Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Nguyen Minh Quang at the ongoing 11th meeting of the 13th NA on March 21.

He quoted experts as saying that with more than 3.76 million hectares of rice farming land, over 7 million hectares of rice will be planted every year (an average of almost 2 crops per year), generating an annual output of 42 million tonnes of unhusked rice. That volume is able to ensure national food security as the Politburo said.

In the recommended 3.76 million hectares, about 400,000 hectares can be under other crops, but the conditions required for rice farming will be conserved so rice can be re-cultivated in that area when necessary. That move will ensure the most effective use of land, the official noted.

The Government also suggested the parliament allow converting 1.1 million hectares of ‘protection forests’ of low quality into commercial forests.

The move also aims to improve the effectiveness of land use by developing forest-based economic activities sustainably, provide land for ethnic minority residents to farm, and help adapt to climate change.-VNA