Over 400 million USD raised from G-bonds in November hinh anh 1HNX mobilises more than 9.15 trillion VND (403 million USD) in November via Goverment bond auctions (Photo tapchitaichinh.vn)

Hanoi (VNA)
— The Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) announced it had mobilised more than 9.15 trillion VND (403 million USD) from 31 Government bond auctions in November.

This marked an increase of 21.8 percent compared with the previous month, of which the State Treasury mobilised over 2.93 trillion VND, Vietnam Development Bank raised 4 trillion VND and Vietnam Bank for Social Policies more than 2.22 trillion VND.

The coupon rates of five-year term bonds sold ranged from 4.5 to 5 percent per year, seven-year term bonds from 4.85 to 4.88 percent per annum and 10-year term bonds from 5.41 to 5.91 percent per annum. 15-year term bonds were at 5.75-6.2 percent per annum, 20-year term bonds at 5.82 percent per year and 30-year term bonds at 6.1 per cent per annum.

On the secondary market, the total volume of Government bonds sold by the outright method reached more than 800 million, worth 88.6 trillion VND, marking a 15.2 percent decrease in value over October.

Trading volume through repurchase agreements (repos) was 1.105 trillion bonds, worth over 110.5 trillion VND, up 4.1 percent in value compared with the previous month.

Foreign investors also made outright purchases of more than 4.3 trillion VND and outright sale transactions of over 5.6 trillion VND. They made repo sales of over 247 billion VND and no repo buys in November.-VNA