Over 500 delegates join 10th Vietnam Journalists Association Congress hinh anh 1VJA Vice Standing Chairman Ha Minh Hue (Photo:http://baodatviet.vn)

More than 500 delegates representing over 22,000 members of the Vietnam Journalist Association (VJA) nationwide will attend the 10 th VJA Congress of the 2015-2020 tenure from August 7-9, said VJA Vice Standing Chairman Ha Minh Hue during a press conference on August 8 in Hanoi.

The oldest member of the association, Tran Xuan Thuyet, was born in 1937 and the youngest, Do Thi Phuong Lan, in 1986, Hue told the press.

According to him, the 10 th Congress will look back at the association’s accomplishments made during the 2010-2015 working term and honour its contributions to building press firms and protecting the country.

VJA shortcomings and poor performances will also be pointed out at the congress, followed by a discussion on setting goals, tasks and solutions for the next tenure.

About 30 representatives have registered to present at the congress on journalism ethics, the protection of journalists’ rights and the impact of social media on journalism among others.

As many as 57 candidates have been also nominated for the next tenure of the VJA Executive Board to keep up with the growing number of its members which has risen by 5,000 people over the past five years.

In the new tenure, the journalism sector will work towards the national goal of becoming an industrialised and modernised country by 2020, he added.-VNA