Overseas Vietnam returning home to contribute to the motherland

In recent years, there has been a “wave” of overseas Vietnamese entrepreneurs and intellectuals returning to Vietnam in groups and organising trade and investment promotion activities, which connect overseas Vietnamese from all around the world.

Sean Lam is an overseas Vietnamese who has lived in Maryland, the US, for more than 30 years. He previously returned to Vietnam almost every month to manage investments. Since the pandemic, he has not been able to return, but he has maintained his business, investment capital, and remittances. 

Vietnam has attracted 376 FDI projects from OVs with total registered capital of 1.72 billion USD, focusing on energy, processing and manufacturing, and services.

It is always in the top 10 countries in the world receiving the largest remittances. According to the State Bank of Vietnam, remittances in 2021 totalled 12.5 billion USD. 

Compared to the total FDI Vietnam has attracted, the volume of investment from OVs remains modest. However, the opportunity to attract more FDI inflows from the community is still significant as it is growing and has the funds to access science and technology platforms in developed countries./.