The latest stories about the lives of Vietnamese expatriates will be retold in a multi-episode documentary film by the Ho Chi Minh City Television Film Studio, with plans to broadcast the programme on the city’s TV channel HTV7 early this year.

“The diversity of the overseas Vietnamese (OV) community living around the world has encouraged us to make the film series, and we hope they will act as a bridge to connect all Vietnamese people worldwide,” the film’s general director Ly Quang Trung said.

“Nguoi Viet xa xu” (Vietnamese Expatriates) is the film studio’s longest chronicle film and includes 240 episodes. Production started four years ago.

Six working groups, each with seven members, travelled to many countries in the world where Vietnamese people are living to record their daily life, including their activities to maintain traditional customs, as well their wishes to make contributions to the homeland.

“Each country where Vietnamese people are living will tell an exciting story about the culture and history of the Vietnamese community,” Trung said.

Despite difficulties in climate and working conditions, film makers have tried their best to bring the film to public in the hope that the series will act as a bridge to connect local people and Vietnamese expatriates, Trung further said.

Apart from the multi-episode film on OV, Vietnamese television stations, such as Ho Chi Minh City television HTV and VTV4 channel of Vietnam Television have made a number of programmes retelling the lives of Vietnamese around the world.

There are about four million Vietnamese people living and studying in 100 countries and territories worldwide who are considered as an indispensable part of the nation.-Enditem