Some 70 businessmen, all overseas Vietnamese from Ottawa , Montreal and Quebec , Canada , attended a business forum held in Montreal on June 22 to exchange views on business and investment in Vietnam and boosting trade ties with Canada.

Many overseas Vietnamese in Canada expressed their interest in the country’s situation and gave opinions on issues in Vietnam .

They raised questions on mechanisms and policies relating to investment including bank loans, money transfers, housing and land property rights, inheritance, administrative reform and tax policy.

These questions were answered by a mission from the Vietnamese Industry and Trade Ministry headed by Nguyen Chi Tam, Director of the European Department.

The mission briefed overseas Vietnamese entrepreneurs in Canada on the country’s economic development and investment climate, as well as government measures to cope with the global economic crisis and maintain steady economic growth to stabilise the country. They also covered the state’s policies to create favourable conditions for overseas Vietnamese to do businesses and invest in their homeland.

Meanwhile Vietnamese Ambassador to Canada Nguyen Duc Hung said that the Vietnamese Government always considers the Vietnamese community abroad as an inseparable part of the nation and highly appreciates practical contributions by overseas Vietnamese in Canada , especially professionals, experts, and entrepreneurs, to the national development.

On the occasion, Ambassador Hung presented a certificate of merit to Doan Thi Thu Ha, a 50 year-old member of the Executive Board of the Association of Overseas Vietnamese Entrepreneurs in Canada, in recognition of her contributions to community work and the development of trade ties between Vietnam and Canada.

A similar forum will be held in Toronto on June 25 with an estimated 150 overseas Vietnamese entrepreneurs from the city participating./.