Vietnamese French citizen Tran Van Phu, Chairman of the Corele International Group and SCAVI Group, won the Cresus Prize for his book entitled “Relaunch France and Europe – The Voluntary Democracy” in Paris in July.

In his book, he shared his key to success in business, including listening, training staff and creating a team spirit.

He also introduced a better world through the book, expressing his belief that there would be another world, different from the existing capitalism.

Phu was born in the central city of Thua Thua-Hue and moved to France in 1975. At the age of 33, he started his own business which now employs 10,000 Vietnamese workers.

Cresus Association was established to fight financial exclusion and offer support to people living with financial difficulties through small credit provision and financial education programmes.

Every year, the association awards individuals who are successful in using their credit and encourages authors with works that help change global views on poverty and financial exclusion./.