Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Thanh Son, on behalf of the Vietnamese State , has bestowed posthumously and awarded Resistance Orders, Medals and certificates of merit to overseas Vietnamese in Thailand who made contributions to Vietnam ’s resistance wars and national protection and construction.

A total of 80 first class Resistance Orders, 10 second class Resistance Orders, 12 third class Resistance Orders, 136 first class Resistance Medals, 308 second class Resistance Medals and 265 certificates of merit of the Prime Minister were presented at a ceremony held in Bangkok on April 4 during the Deputy FM’s visit to Thailand from March 31 to April 5.

Earlier, Son, who is also Chairman of the State Commission for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs presented Orders, Medals and certificates of merit to 17 Overseas Vietnamese individuals and families in Khon Kaen province.

The deputy FM and his entourage attended a ceremony in commemoration of 13 Vietnamese soldiers who laid down in Thailand and OV soldiers who died on Vietnam ’s battle fields in the resistance wars against colonialists and imperialists for national independence and freedom.

When visiting Nakhon Phanom and Khon Kaen provinces, the diplomat had a meeting with Vietnamese associations in 15 northeastern provinces of Thailand .

He also met with the governors of the two provinces, during which they shared views and expressed their wish to expand cooperation between Thai localities and Vietnamese provinces, especially the central provinces .

The two provincial governors affirmed that the Vietnamese community in Thailand plays a positive role in boosting friendship and cooperation between the two countries, pledging favourable conditions for the community to further develop./.