The Vietnamese community in Kharkov, one of the hot spots in Ukraine, is still safe amid the political tensions, according to Chairman of the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Kharkov Tran Duc Tua.

Talking to a Vietnam News Agency’s correspondent in Russia, Tua said that the community goes about their business as usual, and no one is in danger.

However, he noted that demonstrations by local people and the devaluation of the hryvnia ( Ukraine ’s currency) have more or less affected business in Barabansova market, where there are a large number of Vietnamese traders.

The Vietnamese community has always tried to keep good relations with local people, Tua said, expressing his hope that the crisis will soon come to an end.

Ukraine is now home to about 10,000 overseas Vietnamese, who are mainly living in major cities such as Kharkov, Kiev and Odessa.-VNA