You are watching actors re-enacting the royal ceremonies and attire of Dai Viet, the Lê dynasty. The performance, along with a fashion show featuring royal costumes during the Lê dynasty, is part of “Weaving a realm” project by the Vietnam Centre.

Vietnam Center was officially launched in March, 2017 by three young Vietnamese living in Sydney with a goal to introduce Vietnamese culture abroad.

Lê Ngọc Linh who is a member of Vietnam Centre said " Vietnam Centre is a not-for-profit organisation which operates in the field of culture. Our ultimate goal is to bring Vietnamese culture closer to international friends"

Despite many difficulties due to lack of human and financial resources, they have received much support on ideas and techniques from those who share their passions. They also have access to research on Vietnamese culture from researchers and cultural creativity community of Vietnam.

Tran Quang Duc  a culture researcher told that "The project was launched given Vietnamese people, especially the young, are turning their heads to the history. Yet there are still advantages and disadvantages in each project" and added that "this one is no exception. But we hope that people can realise and recognise our efforts."

Aiming at promoting Vietnam’s images to overseas Vietnamese and foreigners, Vietnam Centre expects to run a program of teaching Vietnamese language and organise talks on the Southeast Asian country in Australia.-VNA