A delegation of Overseas Vietnamese youths from 26 countries and territories around the world visited the Hung Kings Temple historical site in the northern province of Phu Tho on July 11.

The meaningful activity was part of the “Vietnam Summer Camp 2011 for Overseas Vietnamese youths” which opened on July 7.

In the framework of the event, the delegation also visited the Lac Long Quan Temple and the Hung Vuong Museum and planted memorial trees on the site.

Gathering on Nghia Linh mountain top, the youths burned incense to respectfully commemorate the Hung Kings, the legendary founders of the nation, praying for prosperity of the country. They pledged to join hands in promoting the strength of the great national unity in order to build a strong country of Vietnam in the future.

They promised to improve their knowledge, making contributions to bringing Vietnam towards integration and sustainable development.

Later in the day, the delegation was scheduled to attend a programme of cultural and arts exchange activities at the site./.