Overseas Vietnamese (OVs) expressed their expectations of the current 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam in Hanoi, putting forward many recommendations to the Party and State on national development.

The Overseas Vietnamese community in Paris also held talks on the 11 th National Party Congress.

The participants acknowledged the leadership of the CPV in the past struggles for national liberation as well as in the current national development. They said they expected that the congress would elect new leaders with a firm political stance, good morals, talents and new ideas.

Nguyen Duc Khuong, a lecturer at the Paris Institute of Commerce said that the Party needed to focus on anti-corruption measures, sustainable development, overcoming the imbalance between the regions, building and developing a knowledge-based economy with the use of specialists from both inside and outside of the country.

Meanwhile, Ung Quoc Hung, a construction expert said he believed that the congress would help development, ensure political stability, create a solid economic development programme as well as help to develop democracy in the Party.

Other participants expressed their desire for the Party and State to improve policies and mechanisms to facilitate overseas Vietnamese academics to return home.

On January 16, the Association of Overseas Vietnamese in Phnom Penh held a meeting to review their operations in 2010 and plan for 2011.

According to Tran Van Toi, the association’s President said over the past year, it had built good relationship with the local authority, creating better conditions for overseas Vietnamese to live there.

They said that they believed that the on-going National Party Congress will be a success./.