The Overseas Vietnamese Association in the Cambodian province of Kandal on Oct. 29 convened its first congress for the 2011-2014 term.

Kandal is a large province adjacent to Phnom Penh capital city and bordering Vietnam’s southern province of An Giang. It is home to Vietnamese nationals who earn their living by fishing along the Mekong river and small trading activities.

With the support of the Vietnamese Embassy, the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Kandal has made efforts in uniting and helping Vietnamese community living in the province since its establishment seven years ago.

Under the congress resolution, in the near future, the association will continue raising fund for charity, calling on the people to abide by the law, further integrate into the local community and maintain the nation’s cultural identities.

The congress elected a new 15-member executive board with Nguyen Thanh Tai as its President./.