Like their compatriots at home, many overseas Vietnamese in Switzerland are looking forward to the 11 th National Party Congress, expecting it would bring new vitality to the country’s socio-economic development.

Vu Anh Quang, Secretary of the Party cell of the Vietnamese Delegation to the United Nations, World Trade Organisation and other international organisations in Geneva , said the Party cell has performed a wide range of practical activities to welcome the congress.

The Party cell had studied and made recommendations to the congress’s draft resolution, especially the part concerning the country’s foreign policy during the 2011-2020 period, Quang said.

In addition, the delegation drew up reports evaluating the world’s economic prospects in 2011 and the following years, as well as policies and experience in coping with crisis of other nations to help Party and State leaders map out future polices.

The Party cell’s members as well as Vietnamese economists and business people in Switzerland suggested the Party put forth mechanisms and polices to root out corruption and bring into play the strengths of Party members and individuals both at home and abroad so that the country could achieve the set targets of socio-economic development in the next decade.

According to them, to secure a firm foothold in the world market, Vietnam , at the upcoming congress, needs to outline development strategies, focusing on high value added commodity production and services.

Overseas Vietnamese in Switzerland also expressed their hope that the congress would adopt measures to improve social security in the home country and fully tap abundant resources of Vietnamese communities abroad to serve the country’s development process./.