These days, thousands of hearts are still heading to Central Vietnam, where people are struggling to restore their lives after floods.

Journalists also send love to Central Vietnam in their way. A group of young journalists from multiple press agencies all over Vietnam called on the community to share bags of rice, vegetables, jars, oil bottles... with people in flooded areas.

These are all simple things, but as the flood slowly recedes, people have to eat dry food for many days. The program has received the support of a large number of communities, especially young people and businesses in the agricultural sector all over the country.

After a few days, nearly 5 tons of rice, 3 tons of vegetables (including green vegetables and fruits and vegetables), and hundreds of barrels of water were donated. Especially, all kinds of donated rice and vegetables are fragrant rice, clean vegetables which are all certified, including many agricultural products of ethnic minorities in Son La, Hoa Binh.

Also, there is a large amount of medicine, clothes ... will be dealt with on this occasion. All of these donations are transported free of charge to the flooded areas of Ha Tinh, Quang Binh Besides, many young people from all over the country decided to join in transporting necessities to people in flooded areas.

The gifts will be transported on the night of October 23rd to reach 400 households quickly before the new storm is forecasted to continue adversely affecting this area./.