In honour of the upcoming summit between US President Donald Trump and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea leader Kim Jong Un on February 27-28, a painter is introducing his artworks on the two leaders, hoping for peace and prosperity to the world.

These are some of more than 100 paintings on the US President Donald Trump and Chairman of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-un painted by Tran Lam Binh.

Unlike other paintings he created when the two presidents met for the first time in Singapore, this time his artworks feature world peace, and Vietnam as a bridge for a crucial meeting.

Binh started to create artworks on leaders since 2015.  To date, the painter has painted more than 100 artworks with different styles. He has opened several exhibitions both at home and aboard.

His artworks have attracted attention of foreign media and the public.

In the near future, Binh will continue creating more artworks on the two well-known leaders. The painter is also planning to display a waxwork of US President Donald Trump./.