The first joint exhibition by two close friends, painter Phuong Vu Manh and martial arts instructor Nguyen Hac Long, is now open in Hanoi, portraying both similar and different opinions that they have on life, through 24 oil paintings.

Entitled Lo (The Way), the exhibition highlights Manh’s interest in experimenting with various genres of contemporary art and Long’s passion for painting and the martial arts.

Both collections of paintings by the two friends promise to intrigue and leave a deep impression on viewers.
Long was born in 1966 in the northern province of Thai Nguyen. He founded the Shaolin Kungfu Vietnam Martial Arts School and now works as an instructor. This is the second time he has held an exhibition in Hanoi.

The main topics in Long’s works are life and religion. He seems to ignore the rational principles of the plastic arts technique while conveying his sentimental approach.

“For me, painting is not just a passion, it’s also a way I express my love and feeling about nature and people and what’s happening around me which martial arts can’t help me to do,” he said.

“Painting and martial arts are two integral things in my life which help me live happily and have a desire to do good.”

Manh, born in 1969 in Hanoi, is a familiar name to fans of contemporary arts as he was one of the first body painters in Vietnam.

This time he has produced 12 paintings in oil and synthetic materials on the subject of fire. This exhibition is a testament to his love of painting, which is as furious as a burning fire. The untitled and inspirational works may give viewers a different way of feeling and thinking about the fire in everyone’s heart.

The exhibition will run until July 17 at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hanoi.-VNA