Due to the fast development of the printing industry, the tradition of painting advertisement posters by hand has faded. Having painted these posters for more than 30 years, Hoai Minh Phuong is one of very few painters producing them by hand.

Located among a range of striking advertisement boards along An Duong Vuong street, this 30-metre shop is filled with painting brushes, paints and half-finished posters.

Born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, the painter has spent 30 years in the trade, aiming to preserve a piece of old Saigon’s soul.

Despite not being a hereditary artist Phuong was passionate for drawing since he was young. However, due to hardships in life, after 1975 he had to set aside his dream to earn a living.

However, fate allowed him to pick up his brush and pallet again.

Nowadays, people favour electronic sign boards to painted ones, so Phuong’s job has become less needed. However, the old painter has tried to maintain his work, although his customers are only those who admire the talented painter’s skill, which is plain, yet full of artistic value.-VNA