As many as 70 painters and sculptors from Vietnam and 15 countries and territories worldwide will gather to showcase their art at a creative camp set to kick off on October 18 in Hoa Binh, about 70km south-west of Hanoi.

Titled “Art under the Roof”, the event is co-organised by Hanoi 's Museum of Muong Culture and Asia Art Link, a non-commercial collective founded by Vietnamese painter Trinh Tuan and Malaysian painter Ng Bee.

The collective aims to offer a platform for artists from the Asian-Pacific region to interact as well as to boost the development of contemporary art in the region.

During the nine-day event, which will take place at the grounds of the museum at 202 Tay Tien Road, resident artists will use natural materials, including stone, bamboo and clay, to produce paintings, sculptures and installations.

While Spanish and American pottery artists Miguel Angel Gil and Eileen de Rosas will showcase their special moulding techniques, female sculptors Nathalie Filoche and Ludmila Baitsaeva from France and Russia will present their art installations at an outdoor display area.

In the painting category, the camp will gather not only painters from three regions across the country, but also artists from Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia.

The event also gives artists a chance to exchange experiences and discuss new art trends. It's also an opportunity for foreigners to learn about local Muong culture through objects on display at the museum and excursions to nearby ethnic villages.

The artworks created by the artists at the camp will be displayed during an exhibition at Hanoi's University of Culture at 418 La Thanh Street, from October 26 to November 4.-VNA