The third meeting of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC) opened in Hanoi on October 6.

Opening the meeting, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong stated that during the five-day meeting, the CPVCC will discuss the country’s socio-economic situation in 2011 as well as major orientations, objectives and tasks of the Socio-economic Development Plans for 2012 and the 2011-2015 period.

The committee will consider and decide on the issuance of regulations on implementing the Party Statute, guidance on implementation of regulations on Party inspection, supervision and discipline, regulations on things that Party members are not allowed to do, and other important issues, he added.

The Party leader stressed that as 2011 is the first year of implementing the Resolution of the 11 th National Party Congress, together with considering the socio-economic situation in 2011 and defining orientations and tasks for 2012, the CPVCC will decide on major orientations, objectives and tasks of the five-year 2011-2015 Socio-economic Development Plan.

“The country’s current difficult and complicated socio-economic development situation requires a concentrated and united leadership and instruction of the Party”, he said, adding that the Politburo suggested the CPVCC spend adequate time on this content.

General Secretary Trong proposed that the CPVCC uphold the spirit of honesty and analyse attained results, shortcomings and weaknesses as well as their objective and subjective reasons.

On the basis of correct assessments of the situation, the CPVCC is to decide development viewpoints, guiding ideas, overall objectives, and the most essential and important goals, as well as to define tasks and solutions so as to create real changes in growth model renovation and economic restructuring in the direction of improving the quality, efficiency and competitiveness in the context of deeper integration into the world economy.

He went on to say that the CPVCC should focus on discussing the improvement of the efficiency of investments; and the restructuring of public investment and the financial market, especially the banking system and financial organisations; the restructuring of State-owned businesses and economic groups; and the improvement of the efficiency of State management of land and natural resources and in planning.

The committee should also pay attention to measures to speed up administrative and judicial reforms; improve the leading, monitoring and implementing capacity of officials as well as better address urgent social issues such as education, health care, labour and employment, he said.

Other issues of concern include the fight against corruption, wastefulness and other negative social issues, ensuring political security, social order and safety, and protecting national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Regarding regulations on implementing the Party Statute, the Party leader said the issuance and implementation of relevant documents are important for enforcing the Party Statute, maintaining Party discipline, improving the quality and operational efficiency of Party members and organisations, and promoting the strength and unity in the Party.

“The contents submitted to this CPVCC meeting are part of efforts to put in concrete terms the Resolution of the 11 th National Party Congress and the Party Statute, which have an important significance for not only several years in the immediate future but also in the long term, helping ensure the successful implementation of the Party resolution, both in socio-economic development objectives and tasks as well as in enhancing the leadership and combat capacity of the Party,” Trong said.

The CPVCC’s third meeting will last until Oct. 10./.