The second meeting of the 11th Party Central Committee opened in Hanoi on July 4.

In his opening speech, Party General Secretary and National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong said that the second meeting was to discuss and approve a working plan for the 11 th tenure of Party Central Committee and guidelines on amendment and supplementation to the 1992 Constitution.

General Secretary Trong asked the meeting to discuss and select the most important and necessary issues to include in the working plan of the Party Central Committee, ensuring closer and more synchronous links between tasks on economic development, cultural development and Party building in order to successfully implement the general targets for the next five years defined by the 11 th Party Congress.

The meeting should give priority to urgent issues relating to renovation, development and efficiency improvements of State-owned enterprises; the basic and comprehensive reform of education and training; policies and laws on land, proactive response to climate change, protection of natural resources and the environment; policies on social welfare; Party-building tasks, strengthening the political system and state apparatus; fighting corruption and wastefulness; promotion of democracy; and firm protection of independence, sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity and international integration in a proactive manner.

In the implementation of research on amendment and supplementation of the 1992 Constitution, Trong said the 11 th Party Congress adopted documents which defined goals and pathways to continue renewing and developing in a comprehensive, speedy and sustainable manner, and decided to promptly study the amendment and supplementation of the 1992 Constitution in line with the requirements and revolutionary tasks in the new phase.

He suggested the Party Central Committee discuss and provide comments on viewpoints, guidelines and methods of study, ensuring the democratic and broad involvement of experts, scientists, managers and people’s opinions, giving no chances for hostile forces to conduct acts of sabotage and distortion.

This meeting will also discuss and adopt the working regulations of the Party Central Committee, Political Bureau, the Secretariat and the Central Committee’s Commission for Inspection.

At the meeting, the Party Central Committee will consider and approve candidates for key positions in state agencies to submit to the National Assembly for election or approval.

The meeting is scheduled to last until July 10./.