The ninth meeting of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee opened in Hanoi on May 8 under the chair of Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong.

During the event, the Committee will review the implementation of the Resolution of its 5 th meeting on building and developing an advanced Vietnamese culture imbued with national identity.

It will consider draft documents to be submitted to the 12 th National Party Congress and discuss preparations for the event.
Regulations on elections within the Party, the collection of votes of confidence, and the implementation of a pilot model removing people’s councils at district and communal levels are also on agenda.

In his opening remarks, General Secretary Trong highlighted the importance of reviewing the 15-year implementation of the Resolution of the Party Central Committee’s 5 th meeting, in order to continue cultural development and renovation. He said this is essential if the requirements the current industrialisation, modernisation and international integration trends are to be met.

“The conference should point out achievements and shortcomings during the implementation of the resolution and properly assess the seriousness of any cultural backwardness, degradation in morality and lifestyle, fading revolutionary ideology and other negative phenomena,” he stressed.

Based on analysis of these problems and forecasts on the domestic and international situation by 2020, the Party chief suggested the Central Committee consider the issuance of a new resolution on building and developing Vietnamese culture and people in the new period.

Regarding preparations for the 12 th National Party Congress, General Secretary Trong stated that the congress will be held in early 2016.

The Party Central Committee should discuss specific issues mentioned in draft reports to be submitted to the congress, including political and socio-economic updates, he said.

Draft documents must assess the implementation of major policies defined in the documents of the 11 th National Party Congress and the resolutions of the 11 th Party Central Committee, such as growth model renovation, economic restructuring and adjustment to socio-economic development objectives.

He emphasised the need to issue a directive on organising the congresses of Party committees at all levels towards the 12 th National Party Congress.

“This is a very important task as it will ensure the success of this important event,” he said.

About the draft voting rules within the Party that will come up for approval during the conference, Trong requested that the final product must ensure each Party member earnestly abides by all Party regulations, turning the Party into a strong and united body in sound order.

The conference will also review the pilot model removing people’s councils at communal and district levels, and debate the rights, responsibilities and tasks of 10 municipal and provincial administrations under the central management.

It must reach consensus on how to best organise local administrations, making it easier for them to fulfill assigned tasks.

In accordance with the new Constitution, the National Assembly will amend and issue many new laws, including the law on the organisation of local government, he said.

When it came to the confidence vote on senior officials of Party committees and units, the State, the Vietnam Fatherland Front chapters and socio-political organisations, Trong described it an absolutely necessary move that will continue in the coming time, because its result will serve as a reference evaluating personnel performance.

However, he also urged a careful attitude while getting it done because it is new and sensitive issue. It is preferable to learn from experience, he said.

Participants were asked to propose ideas involving the vote timing, positions, procedures and public result announcement. The Politburo later will list all changes needed based on their recommendations.

As this conference’s agenda is critical to fulfilling the Party Central Committee’s political goals during the rest of its tenure, he called on them to do all they can developing practical and constructive ideas with the highest sense of responsibility.-VNA