Vietnam ’s party chief has confirmed that mass mobilisation work is extremely important for the Party building work and the entire political system, helping the country to remain stable and develop sustainably.

Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh stated this when he addressed a national conference to review mass mobilisation work in 2009 and initiate tasks for 2010 in Hanoi on January 11.

“Mass mobilisation work has contributed greatly to the Party, enhancing its leadership and combative capacity, establishing a pure and strong political system and strengthening the people’s confidence in the Party’s leadership and the State’s management,” he said.

While highlighting the important achievements of the work in 2009, the Party chief pointed out existing weaknesses that lessen the work’s effects, ranging from providing a consultancy service, working methods, to implementing regulations at the grassroots level.

To tackle with those, Party committees, authorities, sectors, branches, the fatherland front, and mass organisations need to work together to outline specific solutions to create a visible change to mass mobilisation work to serve the people more effectively, said Manh.

In 2010, officials working to mobilise the masses should continue to renew their working methods and raise the quality and efficiency of their work, the party leader emphasised.

He pointed that such reforms would help to create a consensus amongst people from all walks of life, and contribute to maintaining political stability, fulfilling socio-economic development goals, ensuring social welfare, defending security and strengthening the Party and the political system.

In the meantime, the Party chief said that mass mobilisation officials should work to attract people from every level of the society and pay special attention to consolidating relations between the people and the Party and State.

He added that they also need to focus on improving their theoretical skills and gain more practical experiences to better their work.

At the conference, Ha Thi Khiet, Head of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s Central Committee’s Commission for Mass Mobilisation, asked the participants to bring up issues arising from mass mobilisation work and propose appropriate solutions./.