Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has stated that the Party and State will do all they can to help writers and artists harness their creativity to the fullest.

Holding a working session with the Party organisation of the Vietnam Union of Literature and Arts Associations (VULA) in Hanoi on September 21, Party chief Trong vowed to ensure the freedom of creativity while urging writers, artists and cultural activists to uphold their citizen and social responsibilities.

The country‘s dynamic development is opening up new horizons for creativity while posing new questions to which writers and artists must try to answer and explain to society through their creative work, he said.

General Secretary Trong expressed his hope that the writers and artists will produce more works which vividly reflect reality, praise the good and fight the bad, including those ideas that go against the nation’s moral tradition and interests as well as social vices.

According to a report of the Party organisation of VULA, the Union has so far comprised of 73 member associations at both central and grassroots levels, gathering nearly 400,000 writers and artists.

Fifteen years after implementing the Resolution on literature and arts adopted by the fifth meeting of the Party Central Committee (8 th tenure), the literature and arts sector has reaped dramatic successes.
The report said the freedom of creativity and writers and artists’ working conditions have been ensured and improved, resulting in remarkable increase in the number of creative works as well as enhancement of quality.

However, the report noted that the development still fails to match the sector’s own potential and the public’s demand.

Many delegates also expressed concerns about the growing trend of commercialisation and imitation, which has devalued and distorted the authentic values, impacting on ideological and aesthetic education for the public.

They called on the VULA to reform its method of working to unite members in working for stronger development of literature and arts, fulfilling the noble mission of serving the country and the people.-VNA