The conducting of a vote of confidence during the 10 th meeting of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC) will contribute to building a stronger contingent of senior Party and State officials for the country’s new phase of construction and defence, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has said.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the meeting in Hanoi on January 5, he said the vote of confidence to be casted on Politburo and Secretariat members will help targeted officials review what they had done and left undone for incessantly improving their overall performance and raising their sense of responsibility in the duties assigned.

It will also come up with more information supporting the Politburo in its personnel work, the Party chief stressed.

Regarding draft documents to be submitted to the upcoming 12 th National Party Congress, he said that the political report is the most important document so its draft requires in-depth studies and discussions with a focus on specific proposals and suggestions.

The committee, therefore, should pay special attention to major issues and important contents relating to guiding viewpoints as well as renewal policies and strategic, breakthrough measures, he said.

For each issue, he stressed the necessity for carefully assessing the implementation of Party policies to find out which need to be continued to foster the faster and more sustainable development of the country.

The Party leader also pointed out that the socio-economic report needs to focus on the basic areas and central tasks of the renewal process with proper and timely analyses and assessments on the implementation of socio-economic policies and solutions to rein in inflation, stabilise the macro-economy, ensure social welfare, and secure an adequate growth rate.

On the basis of the right evaluation of the country’s current socio-economic situation, with regard to newly emerging opportunities and anticipated challenges, the report should define socio-economic development orientations, objectives, tasks, and solutions for the 2016-2020 period in line with the national reality as well as the regional and international context.

They must be highly feasible and create breakthroughs, practically contributing to addressing emerging socio-economic issues, especially those directly affecting the country’s rapid and sustainable development and the improvement of the people’s material and spiritual lives, he noted.

Regarding a report to review the implementation of the Party statutes, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong suggested the CPVCC discuss the outcomes, difficulties in the execution, and amendments to the document proposed by Party committees at different levels as well as the Politburo’s recommendations on revising the Party statutes.

He also proposed the CPVCC study a report reviewing the 30-year renewal process (1986-2016), making it a reference document serving the preparation and organisation of Party congresses at all levels and the 12 th National Party Congress.

The Committee should comment on performance reports in 2014 by the Politburo and the Secretariat and suggest their key tasks this year, he said.

He also suggested the Committee giving comments on a project on streamlining and restructuring the contingent of civil servants and a press development and management plan by 2015.-VNA