Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has asked the Party Central Committee’s Organisational Commission to continue maximising its efficiency as a part of this year’s preparations for the 12th National Party Congress.

Chairing a conference in Hanoi on January 29 to evaluate the commission’s 2014 performance and launch its Party building-related tasks this year, the Party leader hailed the commission for undertaking a large workload and achieving successes through strong initiatives and a high sense of responsibility.

Amid concerns over the Party’s ability to overcome unforeseen challenges ahead, the General Secretary confidently assured the nation that the over 4-million member Party is a convergence of brainpower and has been a crucial factor in every national revolutionary triumph.

On a path towards comprehensive and seamless renovation, the nation is determined to achieve socio-economic development targets, safeguard national sovereignty, and foster an environment of peace and stability, he said, adding that these conditions are essential to the success of the Party Congresses at all level, and the 12 th National Party Congress.

The Congressional meeting provides an opportunity to fine-tune personnel and Party organisations and fully realise the Resolution on Party building adopted by the fourth plenum of the National Party Congress (11 th tenure), a document General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong considers a historic turning point in revamping the Party.

The leader expressed his hope that the commission will continue its strong track record with multi-level personnel work in preparation for the Party Congresses.

Last year, the commission served as a think-tank for the Party Central Committee, Politburo and Secretariat in issuing resolutions, directives and conclusions regarding personnel work, including regulations on Party election, vote-of-confidence casting, and strengthening internal political security.

Concluding the event, the Party chief expressed his wish that the commission will fulfil its tasks as assigned by the Party and people.-VNA