Delegates to the 11th National Party Congress on January 13 continued group discussions and made recommendations to the draft documents submitted to the congress.

The documents include the draft Platform on National Construction in the Transitional Period toward Socialism (supplemented and developed in 2011), the Socio-economic Development Strategy for the 2011-2020 period, the 11 th National Party Congress’ Political Report; a report on amendments and supplements to the Party Statute and the draft Party Statute (supplemented and revised) and a report reviewing the leadership and guidance of the 10th Party Central Committee.

On the contents of the draft Platform (supplemented and developed in 2011), delegates reached consensus on the overall assessment of Vietnam’s revolutionary process with great successes, difficulties, challenges and lessons. They analysed characteristics of the socialist society that is being built by the Vietnamese people and basic targets and directions of the socialist construction and defence.

Regarding major orientations for economic development, the delegates focused their attention on promoting industrialisation and modernization, developing the socialist-oriented market economy; and development policies for economic sectors and distribution regimes.

The orientations for the development of culture, education and training, science and technology, environmental protection and social policy; defence, security and external relations; building and perfecting socialist democracy and the socialist law-governed State were also tabled for discussion.

Party building work was the spotlighted content of the groups’ discussions in which delegates laid stress on the Party’s leading methodology and directions for building the Party and the contingent of Party members and cadres.

Regarding the Socio-economic Development Strategy for the 2011-2020 period, the delegates expressed their approval of the development viewpoints, set targets and directions for development of different branches, sectors and regions. They basically agreed with three breakthroughs as defined in the draft strategy. They include perfecting the institution of the socialist-oriented market economy focusing on creating an equal competitive environment and administrative reform; developing a high-quality human resource focusing on the basic and comprehensive renewal of the national education and closely combining human resource development with scientific and technological development and application; and building an uniform infrastructure system with a number of modern works, focusing on big urban infrastructure and traffic system.

While discussing the 11 th National Party Congress’ Political Report, they focused on lessons and experiences from the implementation of the 10 th National Party Congress Resolution; orientations, targets, tasks and major goals of national development in the next five years and orientations for reforming the growth model and economic structure.

Delegates also deliberated on tasks and solutions to reform and develop education, training, science-technology, a knowledge-based economy, environmental protection, adaptation to climate change; socio-cultural development and social progress and equality.

Many recommendations were made on Party building work in terms of politics, ideological training, organisation, improving Party members’ quality, strengthening grassroots Party organisations, personnel planning, and increasing Party membership as well as mobilising people in building the national great unity./.