Party Congress marks Vietnam’s important transformation: Cuban expert hinh anh 1The 12th National Party Congress (Source: VNA)
Havana (VNA) – The 12th National Party Congress will mark Vietnam’s transformation into a modern, prosperous, equitable and sustainable society, Carlos Alzugaray, a former Cuban Ambassador in many EU countries told the Vietnam News Agency in Havana.

According to Alzugaray, who is also a Cuban diplomat and researcher of international relations, Vietnam’s new economic model perfectly suits its characteristics and is the most outstanding achievement of the Doi Moi (Reform) process led by the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) over the past 30 years.

The model has helped Vietnam carry forward with the strength of a country that has experienced struggle and sacrified much for national independence and reunification, he said.

The diplomat said the Southeast Asian nation hast set a bright example of shortening the transitional period towards socialism, which he described as a hard and complicated process.

The reform has helped elevate Vietnam’s position and prestige in the region, becoming an important economic partner in the world, he noted.

Alzugaray said documents submitted to the 12 th National Party Congress mirror a constructive spirit to move toward social equality, despite the global economic crisis.

Vietnam boasts experience passed on by generations of Party leaders through different periods, he said, lauding the Party’s democratic discussions.

Vietnamese Party leaders are always willing to hold dialogues with the public on issues regarding the realisation of the Party’s guidelines and policies, he added.

The expert said he is impressed by Vietnam’s institutionalisation of decision-making models in the Party in a democratic fashion, describing this as a noted point in the 12th National Party Congress.

Stressing the close friendship between the CPV and the Communist Party of Cuba, Alzugaray suggested the two sides exchange experience in various fields.

Vietnam has adopted a new economic model that encourages production and has become a dynamic economy with many exports such coffee, rice and industrial products. Meanwhile, Cuba has made progress in social welfare, he explained.

The ongoing 12th National Party Congress has also attracted the interest of international media.

Venezuela’s Rincon de Orinoco newspaper ran an article by Angel Miguel Bastidas saying the Congress is an important political event, as it puts forth major decisions and policies. The national development plan for the next five years will help Vietnam become a modern, industrialised country.-VNA