A delegation of the Communist Party of Vietnam attended the 18 th Sao Paulo Forum that took place in Caracas, Venezuela, from July 6-7.

While in Venezuela, the delegation, led by Deputy Head of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee Commission for External Relations Tran Dac Loi, contributed to the discussions of the forum and attended the 201 st anniversary of Venezuela’s Independence Day, held a working session with Venezuela’s Foreign ministry and met with representatives of political parties of Venezuela and participating countries.

The forum marked a new development in the process of the expansion and enhancement of solidarity among left-wing parties in Latin America .

The forum included the first meeting of Latin American left-wing parliamentarians to put forth solutions in the context of global capitalism crisis as well as 14 seminars on independence, national sovereignty, peace and non-colonialism, defence, information democracy and communications, environment and climate change, trade unions and social organisations, food security and anti-drug trafficking.

The issue of defending national independence and sovereignty drew a great attention of more than 800 delegates from 50 countries at the forum.-VNA