The Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission on February 27 worked with the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group on strategic solutions to speed up the oil and gas industry development strategy designed for the period from now to 2015 and beyond.

Participants looked at the development situation of the sector, its contributions to the country’s economy, as well as its existing limitations and shortcomings and the reasons behind these problems.

They discussed the design of strategies and sought measures to carry out these strategies for the sector’s development which will go along with protecting ecosystem, national security and defence and reinforcing the national sovereignty on the sea.

The oil and gas sector has set to become an important technical-economic sector which is able to ensure energy security for the country’s growth.

The Economic Commission, headed by Party Central Committee  member Vuong Dinh Hue, is a consultative body for the Party Central Committee, in particular the Politburo and Secretariat, regarding policies and strategies related to economic issues.

The working session with the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group, one of the national economy’s backbone industries was the first of its kind the Economic Commission has held since its establishment under the Politburo’s Decision 160-QD/TW issued on December 28, 2012./.