Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong made the first-ever visit to Phu Quy island district in central Binh Thuan province on July 3 to inquire into its socio-economic performance, security maintenance and Party-building work.

Meeting with local authorities and people, the Party chief showed his delight to see the green environment and beautiful landscapes possessed by Phu Quy, which plays as an outpost district of the country .

He emphasised the important position held by the district in the country’s sea-based economic development strategy, suggesting it work out a long-term development plan for fishing, aquaculture and the processing and export of seafood .

Meanwhile, the locality also needs to build reservoirs, plant more trees, upgrade schools and hospitals, and develop its handcraft industry, helping improve residents’ living conditions.

The fight against natural calamities and sea water intrusion should be in place, he stressed.

As offshore fishing is their main and traditional occupation, Phu Quy fishermen should establish their own association that will support them in catching activities as well as in defending the traditional fishing grounds and the national sea and island sovereignty, Trong said.

The Party leader also asked Phu Quy to pay heed to the Party-building work and the consolidation of political system.
Regarding the district’s proposals on the construction of sea embankments and ship shelters as well as the upgrade of transport infrastructure on the island, Trong said he will relay these opinions to relevant agencies for processing.

Phu Quy has maintained a catch output of 24,000 tonnes and contributed 34 billion VND to the State coffer annually. Over 95 percent of the district’s population have access to electricity and 98 percent of households are provided with clean water. All children of school age attend classes.

The same day, the Party leader visited officers and soldiers of the armed forces stationed in the district, during which he asked them to heighten vigilance, proactively prepare response plans, and maintain their combat readiness to the fullest.

Later on the day, he made a fact-finding tour of Nam Hai Co. Ltd., a seafood processing model which generate stable job for over 2,000 workers.-VNA