Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has asked for real changes in Party-building work as the current context is posing new requirements and tasks for the country’s revolutionary cause.

Delivering a speech at a national conference on Party-building work in 2012, held in Hanoi on Jan. 11, the Party leader stressed the need to further improve the leadership and combative capacity of the Party as well as put forth higher tasks for the Party-building work.

“If our Party does not have a firm political ideology, a high degree of unanimity in will and action, pure ethics and a close organisation, and does not receive support from the people, it will be unable to lead the country to advancement on the path of development,” he said.

According to the Party chief, in the whole system of agencies which act as advisors for the Party, the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Organisation and organisational agencies at all levels play an especially important role as they are both advisors and implementers of Party-building work.

Building the Party means building both the organisation and human resources, he added.

To Huy Rua, Politburo member, Secretary of the Party Central Committee and Head of the Commission for Organisation, said 2012 imposes a heavier workload, along with higher and more urgent requirements for Party-building and organisational work.

The Politburo will entrust the Commission for Organisation to coordinate with other agencies and party committees in implementing 35 projects, including building personnel plans for the Party Central Committee, the Politburo and the Party Central Committee Secretariat as well as key positions of the Party and State, he said.

The immediate task of the commission is to help finalise the Resolution of the Party Central Committee’s 4 th meeting and the Politburo’s directives and plans regarding the implementation of the Resolution, he noted.

Rua said the commission will study the renovation and strengthening of the apparatus of the political system’s agencies in terms of function, task, structure and working relations.

It will issue regulations on criticism and self-criticism in the Party and specific regulations on implementing the principle of centralized democracy in organisational and personnel work, he said./.