Party Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has asked the procuracy sector and each of its staff to set an example in abiding by the Party’s guidelines and policies as well as the State’s laws, thus being a real pillar of justice.

Addressing the Supreme People’s Procuracy’s conference in Hanoi on January 16, the Party leader emphasized that Party-building work and personnel training in the sector are very important, which has a decisive importance to the sector’s working efficiency.

He hailed the sector’s efforts in performing its tasks during the past year, particularly in curbing the increase in crimes, maintaining political security and social order, safeguarding the socialist legal institutions, human rights and citizen rights as well as the State’s interests and the legitimate rights and interests of individuals and organisations.

On the priorities for the year 2015, he stressed that the sector should continue to implement the 2013 Constitution and the new Law on the Organisation of People’s Procuracies. At the same time, the sector should work closely with relevant agencies to build the Penal Code, Civil Code, Civil Procedure Code and other laws to ensure the effective enforcement of the 2013 Constitution.

The Party General Secretary also underlined the need for the procuracy sector to abide by democratic judicial principles and jurisdiction as stipulated in the Constitution.

He asked the sector to expand international cooperation to improve its capacity in effectively preventing and fighting against crime, especially transnational crime and those related to foreigners.

The conference heard that last year, the sector had accelerated the process of many key cases of public concern, including 18 cases related to corruption and power abuse.

A number of cases with respect to law violations and mistakes in legal process were also brought to light, contributing to protecting human and citizen rights.

Participants discussed and agreed on four key tasks for the sector in 2015, focusing on promoting judicial reform, accelerating the building of legal institutions, intensifying party building and improving the quality of prosecution practice.
During the two-day conference, participants will conduct a vote of confidence on the Prosecutor General and the Deputy Prosecutors General of the People’s Supreme Procuracy.-VNA