General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong has urged the police to muster up their strength to firmly safeguard national security, social safety and order in all cases.

He made the call while working with leaders of the Ministry of Public Security in Hanoi on August 19, on the occasion of the 68th traditional day of the Vietnam People’s Police, the August Revolution and National Day (September 2).

Under the sound leadership of the CPV and State, the public security force has uncovered and smashed a number of plots against Vietnam by hostile and reactionary forces in recent years. Other violations of national defence that were intercepted have garnered the public’s support. The building of staff has also been strengthened to meet working demand.

Party chief Trong said the force must fully understand and properly put the CPV’s guidelines on national security defence into practice. At the same time, it should be determined to defeat all schemes of hostile forces and wipe out national security crimes.

In the face of challenges ahead, he underscored five key tasks that the public security force must do in the time ahead. In the first place, he required the force to implement the Resolutions set at the 11th National Party Congress and the fourth meeting of the CPV Central Committee (11th tenure) as well as other Directives on national security protection on the path of persistently defending the Party, State, people and the socialist regime.

The police were urged to work closely with ministries and agencies, especially in information dissemination and media while fighting against wrong allegations of hostile and reactionary forces and raising public awareness of national defence.

Turning to mass mobilisation, Party leader Trong said it must be done according to the motto of “Starting from the people” in tandem with reducing poverty and ensuring social equality.
The force was asked to make suggestions to the Party and State to perfect the legal system and institutionalise the Party’s guidlines and policies, thus laying a legal foundation for State management in security.

It must build a transparent and strong contingent with firm political will, good morality and a command of professional and science-technology expertise, he said.
In lifestyle, the police were requested to follow six teachings of late President Ho Chi Minh and determinedly fix shortcomings right after criticism and self-criticism in the spirit of the Resolution on Party building

Minister of Public Security Gen. Tran Dai Quang vowed to work out a concrete action plan to fulfil the goal of safeguarding national security and social safety, contributing to socio-economic development deserving of the trust of the Party, State and people.-VNA