On the threshold of the 11 th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), many Party members have shared their own feelings on the maturity of the Party, believing that this Congress will make new decisions to further boost the sustainable development of the country.

Granting an interview to the Lao dong (Labour) newspaper on January 11, Pham The Duyet, former permanent member of the Politburo Standing Board and former President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee, who attended six national Party congresses (from the fifth to the tenth), said that each congress left a deep impression and all were worth pondering for their milestones on the development of the nation.

Duyet said the renewal policy of the 6 th Party Congress was a sound policy applauded by the entire nationa. Especially, the congress defined that economic development was a central task and Party building was a key task while recognising a multi-sector economy as an original renewal thought in politics.

Thanks to this, at that time, when a series of Eastern European countries and the Soviet Union collapsed, Vietnam still stood firm and firmly carried out renovation, Duyet noted.

“We brought the country out of a difficult period, laying the foundations for it to overcome the socio-economic crisis and prepare for the 1991 Political Platform,” he said.

Sharing views with the Nhan dan (People’s) daily on the same day, Prof. Nguyen Van Hieu, one of the country’s leading scientists, who also took part in six Party congresses (from the fourth to the ninth), said he was extremely impressed with the fifth congress – the congress of the “concept period” for outlining the country’s renewal policy.

“A democratic, open, enthusiastic, frank and positive atmosphere allowed the congress to reach a high level consensus on basic and key issues, creating an important premise for the renewal guidelines afterwards,” he recalled. After the congress, many new methods were applied on a trial basis, opening up for the removal of the demand - supply mechanism, he said.

The professor expressed his wish that the 11 th Party Congress would focus on promoting democracy and a high sense of responsibility, debating frankly and listening to public ideas in order to make decisions to boost the rapid and sustainable development of the country.

One of these decisions is to include high-quality human resource training into programmes of action for all levels and branches to gather and promote the talents and intellect of Vietnamese people in the cause of national construction and defence, Hieu said.

Meanwhile, Chairwoman of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Council Pham Phuong Thao, in an interview with Saigon Giai phong (Liberated Saigon) newspaper on January 11, suggested that in the future, the Party should pay due attention to personnel work, an especially important factor for making sound policies and deciding on the success of the implementation of the policies.

Acknowledging the country’s new developments over each Party congress, Thao expressed her hope that the 11 th congress’s supplementation and development of the 1991 Political Platform and its approval of the socio-economic development strategy, paving the way for the amendment of the constitution and stronger reforms on institutions and State apparatus, will create a new momentum for national development./.