Politburo member Dinh The Huynh visited the Ministry of Public Health in Hanoi on February 25 on the occasion of the 60 th anniversary of Vietnam Doctors’ Day (February 27).

Huynh urged the medical sector to follow President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching that doctors should be like good mothers while fulfilling tasks assigned by the Party and State.

Besides realising goals for 2016-2020, the ministry was asked to work with the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Popularisation and Education, which is headed by Dinh The Huynh, to write reports reviewing the 10-year implementation of Party Central Committee resolutions on public health care and population and family planning policy, to be submitted to the Secretariat.

Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien presented achievements in the sector over the past 60 years, including fulfilling the United Nations Millennial Goals on health care, expanding the network of medical stations equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, developing a contingent of qualified staff in line with regional and international standards, and improving access to health services.

On the occasion, Huynh expressed his hope that healthcare staff will build on their past achievements and fulfil assigned tasks in the coming time.-VNA