The Party, State and people of Vietnam always put all their faith in youth – the future masters of the country, the backbone of the nation and the creative vanguard force in national construction and defence, the Party leader said.

The remark was made by Party General Secretary and National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong at a meeting to mark the 80 th founding anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union in Hanoi on March 25.

To translate the Party’s Resolutions into detailed revolutionary actions in youth movements, he urged the youth union to pay attention to political and ideological education, among young people, to contribute to training the competent young generation to succeed in the glorious cause of the Party, implementing industrialisation and modernisation for the goal of a rich people, a strong, democratic, equal and civilised country, advancing to socialism.

Trong stressed the need to combine activities of the Youth Union with the country’s common tasks, asking youth union organisations to focus on young human resource development.

The Youth Union has to serve as an important bridge between young people and the Party and State in order to promote the implementation of the policies and laws of the Party and State, create conditions for young people to develop in a healthy socio-political environment, as well as build the Youth Union and youth organisations, so they develop in a comprehensive manner and are capable of assuming the core role in movements of young people and students, the Party General Secretary said.

He urged the Youth Union to expand external activities, renew people to people diplomacy and increase understanding and solidarity with foreign youth organisations.

At the meeting, State President Nguyen Minh Triet conferred the Gold Star Order, the highest decoration of awarded by the State, on the HCM Youth Union, in recognition of its contributions to the revolutionary cause of the Party and nation./.