The Party Central Committee Theory Council Head, To Huy Rua, has highlighted the recent Party theory research contribution to the compilation of Party Congress documents as ground for the Party leadership and State management.

Rua said at a meeting in Hanoi on January 8 that a draft political report to be submitted at the upcoming Party Congress calls for stronger theoretical research in combination with further drawing experiences in order to make clear issues on ruling party, socialism and the road towards socialism in Vietnam.

He also said the report urged further research on issues emerging from the renewal process to help work out sound policies and guidelines in service of the national development.

Rua pointed out a need to generate a democratic environment in theoretical research by facilitating dialogues and exchange of scientific viewpoints in order to encourage innovation and promote collective and individual knowledge.

He urged Party theoretical research institutions to improve their operations on the basis of reality and focus on the 30 year renewal process.

The next programme of political theory research should be closely based on the 11th Party Congress documents, especially the political platform (supplements), the 2011-20 socio-economic development strategy and the political report, the senior Party official added.

Rua is also a Politburo member and Secretary the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee, who chairs the CPVCC Commission of Information and Education.

The programme of political theory research on the 2006-10 period has met its target with all the 32 research projects winning the State recognition.

They have focused on the practical elements in Party political programme, current global situation and its trend in the years to come, Party and State external policy and creative application of the Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh thoughts on socialism and international integration into reality.

The research also looked into all aspects of the current trend towards market economy and global integration from the angle of Vietnam’s firm stands towards socialism and conservation of cultural identity.

Social democracy and progress well as democracy promotion in the Party and society, national unity and Party renovation and strengthening were also major topics of the research./.