The Pasteur Institute in HCM City was awarded the Labour Hero of the Renewal Era title on June 28 for its contributions to public health.

Addressing the ceremony, State President Truong Tan Sang spoke highly of the institute’s outstanding contributions to preventive health in Vietnam.

The President said the institute successfully conducted vital research and applied technological breakthroughs and bio-technology in order to prevent diseases, attend to the public’s health, and build a network of epidemic prevention centres throughout the Southern provinces and cities.

He continued that the institute shared its expertise and cooperated with the preventive health sector and hospitals to successfully prevent the outbreak of various dangerous diseases.

The institute also helped deliver training to health professionals in Vietnam and established sound working relationships with a number of international research centres and organisations, he said.

President Sang also highlighted that pollution and climate change were causing a number of dangerous diseases to emerge the world over, requiring the institute and HCM City’s health sector to step up their efforts to serve the public.

The Pasteur Institute is the successor of the Indochina Pasteur Institute, which was established in 1891 by Doctor Albert Calmette.-VNA