Delegates to the on-going 11th National Party Congress have underlined ethic virtue and professional capacity as the most needed qualifications of Party Central Committee’s members.

On the sidelines of the Congress on Jan. 16, 10th Party Central Committee member, Tran Van Truyen, who is General Inspector, said the personnel work is of decisive significance to the implementation of Party congress’ documents so the qualifications of the Party Central Committee members must be given top priority.

According to Truyen, the delegates spent a lot of time to discuss the qualifications of members and structure of the 11th Party Central Committee aiming to make it meet the requirement as the leading force which will be responsible for organising the implementation of the 11th National Party Congress Resolution.

“Those who will stand in the Party Central Committee must be qualified in terms of virtue and capacity, including intellectual capacity and acting capacity,” Truyen said, noting that the current circumstance when deeds are required to match words, the capacity to put Party resolutions into life become a big measurement for the candidates to the 11th Party Central Committee.

Nguyen Thi Minh, Deputy Finance Minister, expressed hopes that the 11th Party Congress will elect a new Party Central Committee that is powerful and capable of successfully leading the implementation of the 11th Party Congress Resolution.

Laying stress on ethic and professional qualifications, Minh also noted that the ability to gather the people and an enterprising capacity are resolute necessary for members of the new Party Central Committee in order to make breakthroughs and new decisions and strategies in service of the country’s development.

The views were shared by Nguyen Duc Kien, Vice Secretary of the Soc Trang provincial Party Committee, Nguyen Manh Hien, Vice Secretary of the Hai Duong provincial Party Committee, and Huynh Minh Chac, Secretary of the Hau Giang provincial Party Committee.

They said they were well aware of their responsibility when voting for members of the 11th Party Central Committee and believed that the new Central Committee will include the best persons so as to fulfill all important tasks assigned by the Party and the people.

Nguyen Duc Kien said the Vietnamese people in and outside the country have high expectations on the 11th Party Central Committee.

“All Party Central Committee members must uphold the fighting spirit and take responsibility for whatever they do. Once they are right, they must be resolute in implementing,” Kien said./.