The owners of peach blossom in Hanoi’s Nhat Tan are busy collecting and replanting peach blossom stumps which were rented out for Tet holiday. After collecting, the stumps will be used for the following Tet.

Around the 10th day of the first lunar month, after Tet holiday is a peak time of peach blossom flower growers in Hanoi’s Nhat Tan village as they start collecting peach blossom stumps throughout the city.

However, replanting peach blossom trees poses risks, as there is worry  about growth of the trees after being delivered from purchasing points.

In recent years, hiring peach blossom stumps has become popular as customers can select select beautiful peach stumps to display during Tet holiday while helping peach blossom gardens keep valuable stumps.

The peach blossom growers are busy collecting, trimming and re-shaping peach trees, hoping they will be revived in a new shape which is more colourful to serve next Tet.-VNA