Voters and people across the country had by far sent 1,129 opinions covering a wide range of issues to the National Assembly (NA) ahead of its sixth session, which opened in Hanoi on October 21.

They commended the NA, Government and authorities at all levels on their concerted efforts and measures deployed to restore and develop production and business, ensure people’s living conditions and social order, defend national sovereignty and expand strategic partnership.

They said these accomplishments have helped strengthen people’s trust in the Party and the State at a time when the country is being challenged by various difficulties.

Regarding the draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution, they expressed hopes that the NA will thoughtfully listen to people’s opinions and be open to proper comments.

They voiced the inheritance of the regulations prescribed in the 1992 Constitution and previous constitutions that remain suitable and the need to continue firming up the issues of principle pertaining to the nature of the political regime and the State of Vietnam.

On the Land Law (revised), they showed interest in the issue of land reclamation and proposed the NA and Government adopting close-knit regulations to ensure harmonious benefits of the State, people and investors when taking back land.

They also asked the NA and Government to implement more direct and effective mechanisms and policies for farmers, citing the provision of seeds, soft loans, and information on prices and markets.
The Government was required to pay special attention to forest protection, irrigation and flood control, and clarify responsibilities of relevant agencies in the work.

Hailing the recent improvements in the health sector, the voters and people, however, proposed tightening the management of operations of hospitals and health care establishments, including medicine prices and trade. They asked for the drastic implementation of measures to ease hospital overcrowd.

Regarding the severe pollution in many areas, the voters suggested increasing sanctions and giving stringent punishment on the managers of the polluted businesses.

On the fight against corruption, they praised the Central Steering Committee on corruption prevention and combat for setting up seven working groups to inspect and supervise serious, complicated corruption cases while pointing out that the prevention, discovery and handling of corruption remain limited and corruption continues in a complex manner without signs of decreasing.

The Presidium of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee, for its part, suggested the Government continue reporting to the National Assembly, voters and people the results of vocational training and pre-school universalisation for under-5 children, and investment in preschool construction and other issues.

Besides, it said that the Vietnam Fatherland Front at all levels will get involved in the National Assembly’s supervising activities in 2014, especially in overseeing the settlement of voters’ petitions.-VNA