Deputy Prime Minister Vu Van Ninh who is head of the Steering Committee for Price Regulation, has appointed Finance Minister Dinh Tien Dung as deputy head of the committee.

Nine members of the committee were also named under Decision 52/QD-BCDDHG freshly signed by the Deputy PM. They are officials from the Ministries of Finance, Industry and Trade, Planning and Investment, Public Health, Education and Training, Transport, and Agriculture and Rural Development, as well as the Government Office and the State Bank of Vietnam.

The Steering Committee for Price Regulation was set up in May this year with Deputy PM Ninh as its head under the Prime Minister’s Decision 690/QD-TTG. It is responsible for studying and helping the Government leader consider and approve major policies and orientations for price management in a certain period, as well as specific measures to stabilise prices for essential goods and services.

The committee will also assist the PM in directing local and municipal ministries and agencies to manage prices, serving the targets and requirements of the Government on curbing inflation and stabilising macro economy.

In addition, it will hold seminars and conferences for experts to share experience in and out of the country to improve the operational efficiency of the committee.-VNA