Illustrative Image (Source: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – The retail prices of RON 92 and E5 petrol dropped by 112 VND and 105 VND per litre, respectively, from 16:55 of October 5, according to a joint decision of the Ministries of Industry and Trade and Finance.

This is the first decrease after five straight times of price rises from July 20. Since early this year, domestic retail petrol prices have experienced seven hikes and eight drops.

Meanwhile, the prices of diesel and kerosene rose by 147 VND and 318 VND per litre, respectively.

After the drop, the maximum price of RON 92 is 17,999 VND per litre, while that of E5 is 17,731 VND per litre, diesel 0,05S is 14,588 VND per litre, and kerosene is 13,433 VND per litre.

The ministries also decided to maintain the amount of money set aside for the fund for petrol price stabilisation, as well as the fund’s spending.

They reported that average world petrol prices in the recent 15 days was 67.049 USD per barrel of RON 92, a slight decrease of 0.5 USD per barrel; 68.949 USD per barrel of diesel 0,05S, a rise of nearly 1 USD per barrel; and 69.088 USD per barrel of kerosene, up nearly 2 USD per barrel.

Meanwhile, the pre-tax price of ethanol E100 is 13,763 VND per litre.-VNA