PetroVietnam’s sci-tech development: Turning the impossible into the possible hinh anh 1A view of rigs at Bach Ho oil field (Photo: PetroVietnam)
Hanoi (VNA) - Mastering technology and constantly creating innovations are the ongoing aims of scientific and technological development and application projects conducted by the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam). The success of such projects has generated trillions of VND for Vietnam, ensuring the profitability of oil and gas fields and plants and helping many localities improve people’s living standards.

Constant endeavour throughout 60 years of development

Developing and applying science and technology are an ongoing task for PetroVietnam, as assigned by the Party and the Government.

The Politburo issued Resolution No 41-NQ/TW, dated July 23, 2015, on the strategy for developing Vietnam’s oil and gas industry to 2025 and vision to 2035, and Resolution No 55-NQ/TW, dated February 11, 2020, on the national energy development strategy to 2030 and vision to 2045. Both resolutions stress that PetroVietnam must further apply scientific and technological advances in petroleum exploration as well as the production and trading of oil and gas, electricity, fertiliser, and new energy such as shale oil, gas hydrate, and hydrogen gas, so as to guarantee national energy security.

The group’s development strategy also emphasises the overall goal of building strong scientific and technological capacity by adopting breakthrough solutions, which is considered a foundation for PetroVietnam to accelerate its growth and develop sustainably.

Over its 60 years of development, it has worked to improve its sci-tech development and application capacity, adopted advanced techniques and technologies, and optimised existing technologies in order to keep up with its counterparts in the region and the world.

The oil and gas sector has received hundreds of awards for its scientific and technological achievements, including the Ho Chi Minh and State Awards for Science and Technology, and prizes from the Vietnam Fund for Supporting Technological Creations (VIFOTECH).

This year, the six most outstanding projects in the sector have been nominated for the Ho Chi Minh and State Awards for Science and Technology by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Among its remarkable science and technology achievements, the research and construction of oversize and overweight oil and gas facilities at sea have been completed after 10 years of implementation; the development and application of technological solutions to collect, treat, and use associated gas in the fields of the Vietnam - Russia joint venture Vietsovpetro and nearby fields have been carried out continually for 25 years; and sci-tech application solutions to optimise the Dung Quat Oil Refinery’s production processes have been developed and completed after 12 years.

Momentum and foundation for sustainable development

Science and technology have been applied in all of PetroVietnam’s production and business endeavours.

The group has been boosting fundamental research, with findings viewed as providing a trustworthy scientific basis that is key to building its long-term development strategy and the country’s economic development plans. Fundamental research is also to pave the way for new in-depth studies seeking unconventional gases such as coal gas and gas hydrate.
PetroVietnam’s sci-tech development: Turning the impossible into the possible hinh anh 2An overview of Dung Quat oil refinery (Photo: PetroVietnam)
Scientific research and technological development have also been encouraged by PetroVietnam via activities such as holding innovation competitions, honouring initiatives and inventions, organising sci-tech meetings and workshops, and opening forums to share information and experience.

The successful research, development, proposal, and application of scientific and technological solutions in the oil and gas industry have not only brought about enormous economic benefits for the country but also made significant contributions to oil and gas science in Vietnam and the world. They are also robust demonstration of the endless creativity of the Vietnamese people, including personnel in the oil and gas sector, who are entrusted with the task of turning the impossible into the possible.

On the occasion of the eighth Vietnam Science and Technology Day on May 18, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Members’ Council of PetroVietnam Hoang Quoc Vuong sent a letter to collectives, individuals, and those involved in the group’s scientific and technological research activities. The letter states that, in 2021, the group began to implement its scientific research plan for the 2021-2025 period, with important breakthrough programmes that will provide a foundation for developing key products and services able to compete with rivals in the domestic and global markets.

Vuong also requested that relevant units focus their resources on carrying out the science and technology plan, and expressed a hope that the group’s science and technology researchers and managers will exert every effort to continually create innovations, seize and apply the achievements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in production and business activities, and devise breakthrough solutions, thereby contributing to PetroVietnam’s stable and sustainable development./.