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Hanoi (VNA) – The municipal council of Baguio city of the Philippines has approved a regulation to prohibit pedestrians from using any distractive mobile device while walking in public places.

The Anti-Distracted Walking Ordinance was passed on June 24 to ensure the safety of pedestrians, said Baguio City Councilor Francis Robert Ortega.

The use of gadgets while walking in public spaces is a great danger since it leads to unwanted tragedies, Ortega said.

The penalties for violating the ordinance will be a reprimand or verbal warning for a first offense, 1,000 pesos (roughly 19.55 USD) fine for a second offense, 2,000 pesos (roughly 39 USD) fine plus up to 10 days of community service for a third offense, and 2,500 pesos (roughly 48.88 USD) plus 11 to 30 days of community service for a fourth offense.

The ordinance still needs the signature of Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong. If the mayor signs, the ordinance will be in effect after 15 days.

Earlier in March, Ilsan city of the Republic of Korea also installed a special lighting system to alert pedestrians who have the habit of using mobile phone while walking. Some cities around the world, including Chongquing city of China and Antwerp of Belgium even build roads exclusively for pedestrian using mobile phones.-VNA