The court of Palawan province of the Philippines has decided to release the remaining 37 fishermen of the total 122 Vietnamese fishermen detained by the Philippines on May 30, said the Vietnamese Embassy in the Philippines on Sept. 1.

The same court acquitted 85 Vietnamese fishermen on August 26.

The 122 fishermen are now temporarily staying at the quarters of the Western Military Command of the Philippines.

The Vietnamese embassy is working with relevant Philippine agencies to help the 122 fishermen return home at the earliest possible time and ask for the return of their fishing vessels.

According to the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry’s Consular Department, on May 30, 2011, seven fishing vessels from Binh Thuan province with 122 fishermen on board were seized by the Philippine Navy about 2 nautical miles (3.6km) off Tamburok coast of Balabac, in Palawan province.

The fishermen had planned to go to the Philippines to fish under an economic contract between the Long Hai Long Company of Vietnam and the Philippines’ Premiere International Interfishing Company. The fishing vessels and crews were arrested in the Philippines’ territorial waters, when they had yet to complete necessary legal procedures./.