As many as 24,000 people in the Philippine coastal province of Aurora were evacuated on April 4 as typhoon Maysak possibly makes landfall on the country’s northeast coast.

Earlier, the provincial authority warned that flash floods and landslides will be potential threats due to the devastating impact of the typhoon.

Having started out in the Pacific Ocean, Maysak is expected to weaken further as it crosses the main Philippine island of Luzon.

It may enter the northern area of the East Sea to become the first in the waters this year, according to the meteorological office.

About 20 typhoons and storms hit the Philippines each year, many of which caused irreversible damages to the country. However, such weather disturbances are rare in April, the height of the tropical Asian dry season.

The Philippines was hard hit by super typhoon Haiyan in November, 2013, reporting more than 7,530 dead and missing.-VNA