Philippines launches investigation into Facebook data scandal hinh anh 1Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. (Photo: Xinhua/VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - The Philippine government launched an investigation into the breach of data of its citizens who use Facebook, after a massive leak of user information to British political consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

The country’s National Privacy Commission sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg requiring the Facebook CEO to submit to the government body documents relevant to the processing of Facebook data of affected Filipinos, and how personal data is generally shared with third parties using the platform, said the Government of the Philippines on April 13.

A copy of the letter, which was released to the press, said the investigation will look into whether there is unauthorised processing of personal data of Filipinos. Some 1.18 million Filipino Facebook users may have been affected by this incident, the letter noted, adding that it is alarming and “may be a symptom of a deeper problem that could pose risks to Filipino Facebook users”.

“The Philippines has exceeded user growth projections and now has more than 67 million active Facebook users. It is our duty to protect the data privacy interests of these users, and to provide those affected with avenues for redress,” the commission said.

Facebook has said personal data of 87 million users around the world may have been improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica, including 70.6 million from the US. Other countries with a significant number of affected users include the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, India, Brazil and India.

Due to the scandal, Zuckerberg had to endure hours of questioning during the testimonies before the US Senate and House of Representatives this week.-VNA