Philippines passes SIM card registration law hinh anh 1Illustrative image. (Photo PublicDomainPictures )

Hanoi (VNA) - Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos on October 10 signed a law requiring mobile users to provide personal details when buying a SIM card. This is part of the Government’s effort in combating text messaging fraud.

The bill was passed by both houses of Congress in September.

Filipinos rank among the world’s heaviest users of social media, and the Southeast Asian country has become a key battleground for misleading or fake news.

Many mobile phone users in the Philippines use pre-paid SIM cards that they buy over the counter without giving their names and addresses to providers.

Under the new law, they will have to show photo identification and complete a registration form with their personal details, which will be kept by the mobile service provider.

It will be applied to tens of millions of existing users, who risk being disconnected if they do not register within a certain period.

The Philippine government hopes the law will enable law enforcement to combat spam and scam text messages, thereby helping people avoid serious scams. It will help the police force track down militants in the South, who often use mobile phones to detonate explosive devices./.